Slides and photomicrographs

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Slides and photomicrogrpahs - Staining


  • many structures are colourless and transparent
  • if transparent they will appear white
  • coloured chemicals will give artifical colours to the specimen (staining)
  • codes used; st,wm,cs,ls,sq,sm

How to prepare a specimen:

  • fixing - cells and other elements in the specimen are preserved in a "life-like" state
  • processing - water is removed from the specimen. Duration will depend on nature and size
  • embedding - placed in wax-filled moulds. Cassette is placed on top of mould, with more wax.
  • sectioning - cut on a "microtome". Thickness of 3-5 micrometres, single layer of cells
  • staining - H&E is most common. Cell nuclei are stained blue and cytoplasm is pink with H&E.
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