Sleep - measurements + functions

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Sleep deprivation

Partial / total prevention of sleep:

increased irritability

difficulty in concentrating

episodes of disorientation

effects : vary w/ age + other factors

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Sleep recovery

Sleeping more > normally after period of deprivation

Night one:

stage 4 sleep = increased

stage 2 decreased

Night two:

most recover of REM sleep

more intense > normal w/ rapid eye movements

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Study of narcolepsy - hypothalamic sleep center.


-frequent sleep attacks

-excessive daytime sleepiness

-dont go thru SWS before REM sleep


-sudden loss of muscle tone

-sufferer collapse

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Narcoleptic dogs example

Mutant gene for hypocretin receptor.

Hypocretin [orexin]

-prevents transition from wakefulness directly into REM sleep

- interfere w/ hypocretin signaling 

- leads to narcolepsy

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Hypocretin neurons in hypothalamus - project to other brain centers:

  • the basal forebrain
  • the reticular formation
  • locus coeruleus

Axons - go to tuberomamillary nucleus

inhibition induces SWS

Hypothalamic hypocretin sleep center:

  • act as a switch
  • controls wakefulness
  • controls SWS sleep / REM sleep
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