secularisation and the extent on contemporary society

basic notes!

for secularisation:

1 = church attendance

2 = pluralism

3 = disenchantment

4 = deisengagement

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For secularisation! - Church attendance

Church Attendance Declining

  • People are too busy -
  • Single parents cant get time off work
  • Single parents might have several siblings
  • Primary socialisation - some parents believe they should teach their children about religion
  • Church attendance is not the only way to socialise now, whereas in the past they were
  • Many people are less religious now
  • Many people are Atheiests

Davies - belief without belongin

Poeple might believe in church going but dont feel like they belong there

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For secularisation - Pluralism


  • Too many religions to choose from - 'pick 'n' mix' cultures
  • 'Spiritual shoppers'
  • Diversity - post modernists (Berger/ Lyotard)
  • Conversions to different religions
  • Wider variety of religions nowadays, than in the past

Bruce - 'pluralism gives choice, people may reject religion altogether'

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For secularisation - Disenchantment (Science)

Disenchantment - Science

Science replacing religion by giving more evidence for answers!

  • More practical evidence proves science more than religion - evolution(Charles Darwin)
  • Younger generation have technology which is time occupying (Rather technology than going to church) e.g. x-box, computers
  • Science updates its theories while religion is more fixed
  • Religion is subjective
  • Big bang theory vs creationalism
  • Natural causes used to be thought the work of God, however science proves that is mother nature (also can be man made aswel) e.g. tectonic plates can cause earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados are weather, natural not the wrath of an agry God
  • Science can help give people longer lives by curing some disease (Cancer), whereas some people would hope and pray God would remove it

****Richard Dawkins, Charles Darwin - bring into your answer!!!

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For secularisation - Disengagement


  • Is when the church and state dont go hand in hand
  • Church is hardly represented in the government, other than the Bishop being allowed to sit in the House of Lords
  • The queen is the only link between the government and religion however she doesnt hold much power
  • Parsons - church has lost its functions, the functions have become more specialised
  • people are concerned with the standard of living - religious education via media
  • Hamilton - church have been trying to representor appeal to those who have turned away from religion e.g. gay preists, Mega-Churches - churches with everything in (a gym, supermarket, daycare for children) to bring people together
  • Martin - good religion and politics not linked, its specialised to deal with religious matters


  • President Obama speech including all religions and everyone who doesnt have religion
  • Government promotes greed - while in religion greed is seen as a sin
  • Tony Blair wanted to go to war whilst the church didnt
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