Mind map of 6 criticisms of secularisation theory

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  • Criticisms of Secularisation
    • Far from causing decline, religious diversity increases participation because it offers choice. There is no overal downward trend. Religion trends point in different directions and people make use of religion in all sorts of different ways.
    • Religion may have declined in Europe but not in America or globally, so secularisation is not universal.
    • Evidence of fall in church attendance ignores people who believe but don't go to churchled
    • The theory = one sided > It focues on decline and irgnored religion revivals + the growth of new religions
    • Religion is not declining but simply changing its form
    • Wilson (a leading advocate/ supporter of the theory) acknowledges that secularization is a long-term process and the actual path it takes is historically and culturally specific. Therefore the nature and the extent of secularization is variable. He now recognises that it is misleading to see secularization as a single process. Contemporary society is characterised by a conflict between the sacred and the secular.


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