Scotland and Ireland.

Questions on Henry VII relations with Scotland and Ireland.

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1) Describe the advantages that Henry VII had over

- problems were delayed until James IV (ANGLOPHILE) came of age.

- Small country who were not as internationally powerful as france or spain.

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2) How did the accession of James IV worsen the re

The accession of the anglophobic king James IV significantly worsened the relationship because he was a glory hunter who was a dedicated warrior. It would signal hostility over his harbouring of pretenders.

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3a) How did Perkin Warbeck and the Cornish Rebelli

James IV gave the imposter Perkin Warbeck a royal welcome, sheltering him for two years, and paid him a pension.

He also arranged Warbeck an advantageous marriage to his cousin the Lady Catherine Gordon.

1496 - Warbeck launced an abrtive invasion of england with James IV support.Henry retaliated by building the largest army of his reign. 1497 - the earl of surrey marshalled English Troops on the scottish border. James IV was saved from invasion because Henry had to deal wth the cornish rebellion. Which actually happened because of the invasion!

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Ireland: 1) After Irish involvement in the Simnel

- forced the earl of kildare and other anglo - irish nobles to swear an oath of alliegance to the English Monarchy.- 1491 - the king's patience was strained when Warbeck returns to dublin. He dismissed Kildare and sent a small english army to Ireland. (Warbeck flees to France.)

Describe the actions taken by Sir Edward Poynings. 1494 Henry sent him to Ireland as Lord Deputy Poynings.- undermined the autonomy of the Anglo - Irish nobles through "poynings law." Most important - prevented Ireland holding a government without English permission.

- restored order, crushing continuing troubles and a major rebellion organised by Kildare's brother.

- prevented Warbeck returning to Ireland.

- Arrested Kildare sending him to England as prisoner. Kildares lands were attainted.

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2) How did Henry demonstrate sensitivity to the Ir

Henry reverted to ruling Ireland through the Anglo - Irish nobles, not through an imposed governer. He reinstated Kildare reversing the attainder. But, he kept his son at court in England to gurantee loyal conduct. This is suspicous as it was commonly known that keeping a family member at court would not gurantee loyal conduct as it hadnt at Bosworth with the Stanleys.

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3) What are the differing hypotheses of the histor

Sucess of Poynings and the reasons for Kildare's reinstatement.

ELTON - the decision was taken by a strong and confident king who judged he crisis had passed and so chose to revert to the Yorkist policy of maintaining only a small amount of direct control in the pale around dublin. He saw poynings expedition as a sucess because it prevented rebellions/

S.G ELLIS - the reinstatement of Kildare was a failure because it marked the end of English control in Ireland. The decision was PRAGMATIC as Henry did not face a threat from Ireland. It was an admission that direct rule proved expensive and futile in England.

It is clear from either statement that Poynings was useful as he reduced the support for Warbeck and prevented the imposter from threatening tudor rule in Ireland.

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