Irish History 1867-1922

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  • Irish History 1867-1922
    • Pre-1867
      • Act of Union 1800: After the revolutions of 1798, the British government decide to unify Ireland (which includes disestablishing the Irish Parliament).
      • Daniel O'Connell: Born in Dublin in 1775, to middle class Catholic parents. Through the use of non-violent means acheived Catholic Emancipation
        • Emancipation: Made Catholic able to own land and other civil rights.
      • The Great Famine: In 1845 a potato blight progressed across mainland Europe, Scotland and Ireland. On the latter it had the largest effect. During the years 1845-1847 the famine caused around ONE MILLION deaths and 1.5 MILLION migrated around the world (mainly America and Britain
      • Fenians: Originating from the Young Ireland group. Young Ireland had to disband after an uprising after British behaviour during the Famine. The leaders James Stephens and John O'Mahony had to escape to Paris, to escape execution. O'Mahony moved to America and created the Fenian Brotherhood, whilst Stephens created the Irish Republican Brotherhod.


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