Russian Political Parties


The Socialist Revolutionary Party.

  • They belived Russia's future lay in the peasantry.
  • Led by Victor Chernov.
  • Russia's future also laid with the 'people'.
  • They promised peasants their own land without compensataing their previous owners.
  • They had an extreme side and tame side.
  • They played a massive part in the 1905 revolution with their support for peasant uprsings.
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The Social Democrat Party.

  • The Social Democrats had a smaller number of memebers but had a higher significance to the future of Russia.
  • They looked towards the ideas of Marxism.
  • The wanted industrial development.
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  • The first political organisation in Russian history.
  • Attempts were made to make a national Zemsteva.
  • Eventually, there were zemstevas all over Russia.
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  • When the Tsar issued the October Manifesto, the Octoberists were created.
  • They were created because the Tsar was willing to share political power in national government.
  • The Octoberists were made up of Russia Liberals.
  • They believed the October Manifesto was the best settlement for Russia's development.
  • They became supporters of Nicholas II.
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  • The Kadets were a more radical group which came out of the 1905 revolution.
  • They saw the October Manifesto as the beginning, not end, of poltical reform.
  • They hoped a parliamentary system  based onn a democratic franchise would be the best way to deal with social and ecnomic problems facing Russia in the early years of the 20th centuary.
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Mensheviks and Bolsheviks.

  • The Mensheviks were the Social Democrats.
  • The Bolsheviks were the Social Democrats too.
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