Russia before 1881

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Worlds largest state

  • Tsarist Russia was the largest land empire in modern history. It was over 5000 miles.
  • Before the extension of the railway east, it would take would take months to travel form St Peterburg to Vladivostok.
  • Russia was divided into sections of vegetation.
  • The main crop area was in the west near the asian part of the empire.


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Economy and society

  • Russia was a rural country with agriculture as a mainstay of the economy.
  • Agriculture had to feed Russia's large and growing population.
  • Grain was the biggest export for Russia.
  • Even though Russia was rich in coal and iron their industrial side was modest.
  • At the top of society was the Tsars who had absolute power.
  • Underneath was the court, containg leading landowners and members of the government.
  • These were led by the orthodox church which supported the Tsar.
  • The capatalists are under them.
  • Then their is the army.
  • Finally are the peasents and the serfs.
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Alexander II 1855-1881

  • Serfdem was the biggest problem facing Russia.
  • Over 80% of the population were peasents and over half were serfs.
  • In 1861 the serfs were amacipated however they were not completely free.
  • They were tied to the land and they had to pay their owners compensation.
  • They had to ask village elders if they could leave the village.
  • This moderenised Russia dramtically.
  • He introduce the first form of elective government however it was limitd to wealth and education.
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