RS divorce and remarrige

divorce and remarrige

  • Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage
  • • Divorce is allowed after one year of marriage if the marriage cannot be saved
  • • Legally illegally civil divorce must be obtained through a court
  • Remarriage = someone marries again while their former husband or wife is still alive.
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reasons for divorce

  • • People changing ,growing falling out of love
  • • Immaturity
  • • Addiction alcoholism drug taking gambling
  • • Domestic violence or abuse
  • • Inability to have children
  • • More ...
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Christian views 1)

  • • In the Bible Jesus taught that anyone who divorced and remarried was committing adultery
  • • This is said in mark 10:Verses 11 -12
  • • This is also said in Matthew 5:32
  • • Christians believe that Vows made in God‘s presence should be kept
  • • The Catholic Church teaches that a civil divorce cannot dissolve the marriage between two baptised people
  • • Catholics can separate but they cannot marry someone else in a catholic church church while their partner is alive


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Christian views 2)

  • • a couple makes vows before God and therefore they can never be broken
  • annulment: the Catholic Church ruling that the marriage was never valid
  • Divorced Anglicans believe that they can marry someone else in the church with the bishops permission as long as the priest in the church is willing to perform the marriage ceremony 
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christian views 3)

  • • Other Protestant churches for example the Methodist or United reform church except civil divorce and allows remarriage in church as long as the couple takes the vows seriously
  • • The church should reflect the forgiveness of God and allow people who have made mistakes the opportunity to find happiness in a second marriage
  • • Eastern Orthodox church grants divorces and remarries couples but usually not more than twice
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married couples having issues

  • • Christian clergy offer support to couples through counselling prayer and sacraments.
  • • They believe that Christian should try bring forgiveness and reconciliation back to marriages that have broken down
  • • Other Christians in the local church or community may support the couple through a difficult time.
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