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Sexual Relationships

Christian Views About Sexual Relationships

Most Christians believe that sex is sacred and should only take place in a marital relationship.

Adultery or sex before marriage would be seen as a sin.

Christians believe sex is a gift from god and should be used for procreation.

If a person was looking for a partner for sex this would be seen as promiscuity.

Some campaigns and other organisations promote absitinence; The Silver Ring Thing.

Church of England teach marriage is the place where sexual relationships should occur.

In modern times cohabitation including a sexual relationship for many people is a step towards commitment to marriage.

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Chrisian Beliefs About Contracepion
Contraception is used to stop pregnancy and STD's
Artificial Contraception; Condom/Pill (Something man made to prevent conception)
Natural Contraception; Rhythm Method (Having sex at womens least fertile stage) Withdrawl
Catholics believe it is wrong to use Artificial Contraception because sex is something a married couple should do in order to procreate
Artifical Contraceptio goes against the sanctity of life and against the will of God (sin)
Catholics accept natural contraception because they dont interfere with Gods plan
Catholic beliefs are controversial; led to spread of disease such as HIV mainly in Africa= large catholic population
Protestants believe couples can use birth control as they believe its their decision. God has given us common sense to make decisions for ourselves, its not a loving act to carry on and have children if you are not apple to love and provide for them. " Love Thy Neighbour"
ALL Christians are against the Morning After Pill as its seen as a form of abortion- " Do not Kill"

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Marriage And Divorce

Features of a Marriage

1) Minister explains purpose of marriage
2) Couple exchange vowels - "Til death do us apart" "In the precense of God I make this vow"
3) Couple exchange rings - symbold of committment
4) Prayers- couple ask for Gods blessing- shows Gods involvement in relationship
5) Hymns sung to reflect the belief that love and marriage are from God

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Marriage And Divorce

Why do some marriages fail?
- Person commits adultery
- Falls out of love
- Arguing and the children suffer
- physical or emotional abuse (domestic violence)

How can God help?
- Christians believe marriage is a gift from God, when vowels are said in church there is an agreement with God to stay committed to eachother through good and bad.
- responsibilty to god and family to support one and other.
- if they pray to God, God can help them

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Marriage And Divorce

Divorce And Remarriage
Divorce is a legal process through which a couple end their marriage.
Catholics believe all divorce is wrong.
They do not believe in Remarriage but do believe in an annulled marriage.

Many Protestants believe marriage is sacred but divorce is allowed for some reasons:
adultery and domestic violence.
Most Protestants do not agree with divorce but understand humans make mistakes and should be given second chances.

God gives many chances to people in life this should also apply to marriages.

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Civil Partnerships

Christian Responses to Civil Partnerships
In 2005 Civil Partnerships became legal in the UK. CP is not a marriage it is the legal recognition of a same sex relationship.

Catholics and Church of England
do not perform CP's. Both churches teach marriage as the proper place for sex as it is to create life. Both Churches believe CP undermines their teachings that children should be raised by their biological parents.
Church teachings are generally negative towards homosexuals according to the bible.

The Westboro Baptist Church
is a Christian church that has extreme views against homosexual partners. They picket graves of American Soldiers in order to protest against governments promotion of homosexualtity.

Some Christians believe Cp's reflect Biblical View of Equality and Gods Desire to bless faithful long life marriages.

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Role Of Men and Women

Christian Views About the Role of Men and Women in a Family
Chrisitianity teaches about the equality of all people. However being equal does not necessarily mean that men and women have been set out to have the same roles in life.
Some Christians believe men were designed to have the leadership role and provide for the family. Women have the traditonal role to care for family.
Other Christians believe men and Women should be completely equal.
Christians refer to the adam and eve story. Eve tempted by serpent implying females are the weaker sex.
Jesus teached to "Love your neighbour as yourself" which = complete equality.

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Role of Men and Women

Role of Men and Women In Church
Some become monks or nuns believe they have been called by God
Take vowels to committ themselves to religious life.
Priests in Catholic Church and Vicars in C.O.E
In the Catholic Church only men may become priests or bishops and the pope is always male.

Priests and Bishops have to remain cellebate in a sense they are married to God.
can take active parts by becoming a minister of Holy Comunion; Giving out Bread and Wine. 

Mothers union promotes and supports married life. Encourages women to develop their faith in their children. Many Women play an active part in this organisation.
In Church of England  men and women can become vicars. Bishop always man. 

Vicars are seen to represent God who is Man.

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Marriage- legal agreement between a man and women to unite.
Adultery- a sexual relationship with someone other than a married parnter
Homosexual- one who choses a partner of the same sex
Divorce- legal ending of a marriage
Celebate- chosing not to have sex
Abstension- refraining from having sex
Fornication- sex before marriage or outside marriage
Sacrament- something made by God that cannot be dissolved
Contract- legally binding agreement
Faithfulness- staying committed to your partner
Reconcilliation- get back together after sorting problems out
Promiscuity- having many sexual partners without committment
Cohabitation- partners being together before being married

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