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Civil Partnerships

Roman Catholics

Not accepted

Every sexual act must result in procreation

"man should not lie with man as he does with women"

"the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God"

  Passages in the Bible condemn homosexuality therefore it is wrong

Church Of England


Some priests accept civil partnerships

Some priests don't accept civil pertnerships

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Civil Partnerships


members are encouraged to be welcoming to everyone

They have unions instead of marriage ceremonies therefore homosexuals are welcomed

Methodist unions are more like blessings than marriages.



same sex unions are welcome to Quakers

Both Methodists and Quakers believe that homosexual texts in the Bible were written from the point of view of Jews in the early days, therefore it is not the word of God. 

the major Christian belief to love and accept is more important than the Bible, therefore homosexuals should be loved and accepted.

"Love thy neighbour as yourself"

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Marriage and Divorce

All Christians and Marriage

marriage is a sacrament to God

marriage is the only stable place to raise children

Roman Catholics and divorce

Together forever 
The Chuch council the couple to resolve any conflict
If councilling is unsuccessful they allow seperation but no re-marriage.

They allow annulment if the marriage is not consumated or the marriage has taken place for the wrong reasons.

RC belief divorce breaks the sacrament to God and marriage is for life.

Church of England and divorce

they accept divorce because forcing someone to be unhappy is wrong

If love dies or one partner dies they allow divorce

CoE belief divorve is the kindest thing to do in some circumstances and it is to end conflict.

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Roman Catholics

"be fruitful and multiply"

never prevent the chance of new life

only forms of contraception allowed are natural:

  • Withdrawal method
  • Rhythm method
  • Abstanance

Modern catholics

sex is a gift from God not a sentence to parenthood

  • careers are important
  • costly to raise children
  • reliable in preventing STDs and unwanted preganancy

Church of England

contraception is accepted because sex is a gift from God, there should be no fear of pregnancy

love is very important

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Sex before marriage

Roman Catholics


Procreation should only happen in marriage- every sexual act should result in a new life.


love is the main reason for sex- the quality of the relationship and the love are the only important things in a relationship.

if a couple are commited enough to cohabit then sex is ok because it is between a couple that are likely to marry in the future.


if a couple are cohabiting with intentions to marry sex is ok because they obviously have serious commitments to eachother and love is the most important thing in a relationship.

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Roles of men and women

Roman catholics

men and women are made in the image of God meaning they are equal, however RC believe that they are made for different roles in society e.g. women caring for children and home, men working and earning money.

"wives should be submissive to your husbands"

Adam was first and Eve was craeted as a helper for Adam in the garden of Eden.

men and women in Church

Jesus had 12 male apostles and women should not be priests because St Paul said "a women should learn quietness and full submission", women should not talk in Church.

Also the priest represents Jesus in mass therefore a women can't be a priest.

Modern Christians

if married ccouple have children, both parents should share responsibility of childcare, therefore both parents should be able to work.

"there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ"

modern churches have female vicars and ministers 

Jesus taught that everyone was equal

Jesus appeared to Mary magdelin after his resurrection and he encouraged women to come closer when he was preaching.

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