1. decide what you are rounding to (read the question) 

2. write down the two nubers either side of the numbers you are rounding e.g to the nearest 10 it will be in the ten times table.

3. if the last digits above you use the bigger number.

4. if the last digits is 4 or below you use the smaller number.

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1. To find any percentage without a calculator find 10%(by dividing by 10)

2.find how many of these 10's you need (2 for 20%3 for 30%and so on I and a

for 15%)

3. write them out and add them up.

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we can now complete our revision card for sequences.

1. look at the number and see if you add or subtract the same number each time.

2. look at the number and see if you multiply or divide by the same number each time.

3. if tou are given the rule-cantinue this patten giong forward.

4. to backwords reverse the number ie times 4 add 2 then divide 4

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