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Negative Numbers

Example: city tempratures for one day in december:

London- 4 degrees centregraide

New york- minus 5 degrees centregraide

Rome- 8 degrees centergraide

Moscow- minus 8 degrees centergraide

The coldest city was Moscow and the warmest city was Rome

You could draw a number line showing the tempratures of each city

Negative numbers are shown left of 0 on a horizontal number line and below 0 on a vertical number line 

If you cont up on a number line the numbers get bigger where as if you count down the numbers get smaler

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Example: Round these decimal numbers to the nearest tenths: 2.75= 2.8

                                                                                                   2.052= 2.1

2.75 is exactley half way between 2.7 and 2.8 and the rule is when it is half way between 2 numbers you round up and not down

2.052 is just past 2.05 so you would round up to 2.1 and not down to 2.0

The value of each didgit is the position it is in

The decimal point marks out where the fraction part of it gos and where the whole part of it goes

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cool cards and only one spelling mistake i hope

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