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Short Term Wind

The latest forecast data is recieved by the RGFS every 30 minutes. The short term wind upload process updates the aggregated forecast for all wind farms in Alinge to reflect the most recent data recieved for within day, out 3 or 4 hours. 

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Medium Term Wind and Solar

  • Wind generation forecasts for the medium horizon are updated 4 times in every 24 hours at 02:00, 08:00, 14:00 and 20:00 BST. 
  • Solar generation forecasts for the medium horizon are updated at different times depending on the season. In summer - 00:05, 07:45, 11:45, 19:45. In winter - 00:05, 06:45, 10:45, 18:45. 
  • These forecasts cover the period within day to day+2.
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Long Term Wind and Solar

Long term wind or solare generation forecasts are an ad-hoc process handles by Demand Forecasting, usually as the result of the addition of new generatiion to the portfolio. No requirement on the STT.

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STT_TTP_RELEASE run 5 past and 35 past the hours. Gets all forecasts and pushes them to the target trade position in Alinge. You can run it manually if for example, the demand forecast comes in at 36 past the hour etc. 

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