Seven Day Report

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All trades are notified to Elexon (ECVAA) but they are not responsible for validating data. Elexon send out a Forward Contract Report four times a day (09:00, 14:30, 18:30, 22:00) and each counterparty is responsible for checking the report and confirming it agrees with their trade data. 

The Forward Contract Report containes volumes (in MWh) per hal hour, per counterparty for any counterparty that we have notified against or who have notified against us. 

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Checking the Report - LONDELEC

  • The Delta tab is a snapshot of traded positions which have been notified just prior to each time the report is run.
  • LONDELEC -  consumption account. Balancing trades between our production account. There may be discrepencies going forward due to a balancing trade occuring after the forward contract report was recieved and before the alinge batch was run. The AFR should be checked to confirm the delta has cleared.
  • We also expect to see deltas on days greater than 2 days ahead as the alinge report which notifies the balancing trade only notifies for within day and d+1 so any other periods would be un-notified. These deltas will clear once they move within the D+1 horizon.
  • Any delta in a gate closed period or in agate open period that remain after an AFR report is checked in a genuine error and suggests a balancing trade has not been notified. In this occasion we run an 'WTHDAYLE' and check all IT systems are working correctly.
  • For all genuine errors with LONDELEC, EDFE will be liable to a cost of Volume*(SBP-SSP) for every period.
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Checking the Report - ECCLUX

  • ECCLUX - these are trades notified by EPEX. Due to the number of trades, it may be expected to have discrepencies going forward. These should be investigated to ensure all transacted trades are in Alinge.
  • The AFR can be used to check for discrepencies in between the 7 day reports.
  • Discrepencies in the past - weve uploaded a trade incorrectly 
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Where the report has been run and youve checked the trades in Alinge, a delta has been shown to be an error on the counterparty's behalf where they are the notification agent (ECVNA), a phone call should be made to the counterparty stating the periods and volumes that are being "rejected". This should be followed by a fax confirming the rejection so that if the error was found to be at the counterparty's, EDFE wont be financially liable.

Then send an email to settlements, Joe, Tom and potentially risk.

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