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Promoting Quality Care

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Promoting Quality Care

Following safe working practice

Knowing our own attitudes

Not being prejudiced

Preventing barriers to access of services

Encouraging high self esteem

Knowing about relevant legislation

Enabling fair and equal access

Applying care values

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Health and Wellbeing

Self Actualisation - leading a fulfilled adult life depending on a secure sense and positive self esteem.

Self esteem Needs - communcation barriers can prevent you from feeling valued.

Love and Belongings - feeling wanted and valued

Safety Needs - having a secure and safe enviroment

Physical Needs - food, warmth, shelter, and clothes are basic needs

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Childrens Act

Child's Commissioners task will be too:

Initiate enquiries on behalf of children

Find out about needs of children and young people

Investigate specifically the needs and the interests of the chidren and young people

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Sex Discrimination Act

Sex Discrimination Act covers direct and indirect discrimination

Direct sex discrimination is when a person is treated less favorably than a person of the opposite sex who are both in the same situation.

Indirect sex discrimination is when a far fewer members of one sex can take advantage of a situation than the other sex.

Strength- it is illegal to discriminate because a person is married

Weakness - it is hard to prove a person has been using direct or indirect discrimination

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Disability Discrimination Act

The act doesnt apply to prision officers, fire-fighters, police officers, members of the armed forces, people who work abroad on ships, aircraft and hovercraft.

It doesnt apply to people who employ less than fifteen people

A tribeunion can:

Make a declaration about the rights of the employee

Order the employee to pay compensation

Recommend that the employer takes reasonable actions for a period of time.

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Information that must be kept confident includes:

Personal information from being dicarded orally

Written information being stored safe

Electronic records should be password protected.

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Promoting service users rights

The rights to be different

Freedom from discrimination



Effective communcation

Safety and security


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Fostering equality and diversity

Understanding and not showing predudice

Understanding and valueing the benefits of diversity

Understanding the bases of discrimination

Understanding own beliefs

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Principles of early years

The welfare of the child is PARAMOUNT

Children should be kept safe

children should be offered a range of experiences

Value diversity

Equal opportunities

Anti dicscrimination


Working with other professions

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