Revelation Key Term Definitions

AQA GCSE Religious Studies B - Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions (I have also made a wordsearch for same topic).

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General Revelation

God may make himself known to us through normal, everyday experiences such as a nice sunset or a rainbow . This is very much down to interpretation as some people may think of a rainbow as a scientifically explained occurenece whereas others would see God showing himself to us.

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Special Revelation

God may also make himself known to us through a direct, personal message or experience an example of this would be Martin Luther King and his coffee cup experience with God.

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This is when you see something in a dream that reveals a personal attribute of God.

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God's Characteristics - many are paradoxes

Supremacy - the upmost power and authority.

Omnipotent -  all powerful.

Omniscient - all knowing.

Omnibenevolent - all loving.

Personal nature / omnipresent - he is everywhere and we can feel close to him.

Immanent - he is part of our lives.

Eternal - everlasting ; no beginning or end.

Impersonal nature / transcedent - beyond all human knowledge.

Reality / Illusion - the actual truth / a misjudged perception of reality.



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