Retail Led Regeneration


Retail Lead Regeneration


Cabot Circus is a two-part scheme offering retail space totaling 97,000m² and is one of the largest regeneration projects to the South West of England.

It is a refurbishment from the 13th century Friary building

It is yet another tourist attraction for the main city of Bristol, it will bring money into Bristols attractions and lead into jobs being available to people around the area.

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Tourism Lead Regeneration


The project is two large biomes which holds plants that are collected from many diverse climates and environments.

The project opened on the 17th March 2001.

It wanted to promote sustainable use of plant resources to the public.

The project also brings endagered plants breeding programme making it environmentally stable.

The projects first award was given in 2013 becoming the best UK leisure attraction.

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Rural diversification led regeneration

Fishers Farm

Diversification took place on Fishers Farm due to competiton maining as most farms are for breeding and petting farm animals. Fishers Farm saw a gap in the market which lead them to introduce adventure trials and make the farm family friendly and a day out.

Fishers Farm has been voted the UK's most popular farm park of 2017.

DiversificationDiversification is a growth strategy that capitalises on market opportunities by allocating investment risk over different asset classes.

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Sport Led Regeneration


Stratford was one of the most deprived communities in the country, there was a lack of infrastructure and the environmental quality was poor.

The 2012 London Olympics bid was partly successful with the understanding that it would be regenerated for the Olympics and after the Olympics. 

Advantages- by 2030 more than 10,000 homes will be built in the area. A new academy is being built and will educate 2,000 pupils between 3 to 18. New jobs in the area has lead to the multiplier effect. 20,000 jobs by 2030 bringing £5 billion into the area.

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