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Belief about deity

Muslims believe that there is only one God - Allah. Allah cannot be described , but is omnipotent & omniscient. Allah created the world & everything in it & has a purpose for humanity. The Shahadah states: 'There is no God but Allah & Muhammad is his prophet'. Muslims believe they can see evidence for Allah's goodness in the world. Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad made it clear that polytheism is wrong & isn't allowed. Muslims don't consider miracles to be very important. Allah can perform miracles & there are many examples of Allah's interventions in Muhammad's life.

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Good & Evil

Evil is classified into 2 types: natural evil & moral evil.

Concepts of good & evil: All religions believe evil exists & often portray it in terms of a devil/demon. Muslims believe that God allows Iblis (Shaytan) to tempt them using evil to give up Islam.

Belief about why there is evil & suffering in the world: Muslims believe life is a test from God where people can make right/wrong choices.

Belief about coping with suffering: Muslims believe those who stay good despite evil & suffering will be rewarded in Paradise.

Sources & reasons for moral behaviour: For Muslims the Qur’an & the teachings of the prophet help them to understand how God wants them to behave. Actions that are niyyah are done with the right intention

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The end of life

Beliefs about the body & soul: Muslims believe that the soul lives on after death/

Belief about life after death: Muslims believe in a spiritual & physical resurrection, when all good souls will be awakened from their graves to live eternal life, called akhirah, in Paradise. Those who have done wrong will be judged & punished in Hell.

Funeral rites: Muslims believe that after a person has died, the body is washed & wrapped in a clean white shroud. Muslims are usually buried on the day of death, with the body facing Mecca.

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Religion & science

Belief about the origins of the world & of life: Muslims believe that Allah created the world & every living thing from water. Humans were created to serve Allah. Muslims welcome scientific discoveries because they help them to understand Allah’s creation. You can use this following point in an argument if you want to » the current scientific views centre on the Big Bang theory & the theory of evolution.

 People & animals - the place of humanity in relation to animals: Islam teaches that humans have a responsibility to look after animals & treat them well.

Attitudes to animals & their treatment:Muslims follow the teaching of Muhammed & that animals should be treated well. Animals for slaughter must be treated in a certain way so that the meat is halal.

Responses to environmental issues & religious teachings relating to environmental issues: Muslims believe they do not own the world but are here to look after it for God  & for the future generations, based on tawhid , khalifah & akhirah (unity, trusteeship and accountability).

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Belief about deity: 'Not an apostle did We send before thee without this inspiration sent by Us to him; (Surah 21:25) 'and he is Allah, the One & Only'. (Surah 112:1)

The end of life:'Every soul shall have a taste of death: and We test you by evil and by good by way of trial. to Us must ye return'. (Surah 21:35)

Religion & science: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind". -Albert Einstein

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Key Terms

omnipotent: God is powerful

omniscient - God is all knowing

akhirah - everlasting life after death

natural evil - evil which is inevitable due to the way the world is

moral evil - evil which i caused by people choosing to act in an evil manner

tawhid - unity; belief in the oneness of Allah

khalifah - someone who takes care of the world/enviroment

Big Bang theory - the theory that the earth was created about 18 billion years ago by a massive explosion

evolution theory - the theory that groups of organsims change with passage of time, mainly as a result of natural selection, so that descendants differ from their ancestors; ultimately, the theory that all current life forms developed in stages from a single cell millions of years ago.

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hey! this actually helped me with the 'belief about diety' and 'end of life' section. especially cause my exam is tomorrow. thanks, there were things in here that my teacher hadn't taught me :)



do you have any notes on islam as Thanks

These are useful too.



do you have any notes on islam as Thanks

These are useful too.



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