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Ethics revision cards…read more

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What is ethics?
The moral principles that govern a person or group of
peoples behaviour
· Morality
­ The principles concerning the distinction between right
and wrong and good or bad behaviour
· Ethical theory
­ The branch of philosophy that addresses moral questions
· Practical ethics
· Introduction to applies ethics by modern philosopher
Peter Singer Applied ethics
­ `The philosophical examination of particular issues that are
matters of moral judgement…read more

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What is ethics?
· Normative
­ Concerned with developing theories that
determine which human actions are right or
· Descriptive
­ Study of peoples beliefs about morality
· Meta
­ Seeks to understand nature of ethical properties,
statements, attitudes and judgements…read more

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Teleological ethics
A set of ethical beliefs based on the goodness or
badness of the consequences
· Rightness or wrongness of an action based on
end results
· Utilitarianism and situation ethics both
teleological…read more

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Deontological ethics
Approach to ethics that judges the morality of
an action based on the actions adherence to the
· Concerned with the nature of the acts…read more

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Ethical naturalism
· Ethical values could provide evidence in the
same way as scientific evidence
· Established to try and link morals with the
new scientific view of the 20th century
· Naturalists believe that moral conclusions can
be deduced from non-moral premises…read more

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