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Community and Tradition

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Community and Tradition

Define Orthodox

  • means "right belief"
  • translates as "pious ones" (very religious)
  • believe that Moses received the Torah on Mt. Sinai so it is the direct word of God
  • big community in newcastle upon tyne
  • represent the true traditional judaism
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Community and Tradition

Defien Ashkenazi

  • central and eastern european countries
  • egs Russia, Poland
  • comes from the hebrew word for Germany, Ashken
  • eg Albert Einstein
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Community and Tradition

Define Sephardic

  • originate from portugal, spain and north africa
  • eg Charles Saachi
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Community and Tradition

Define Zionism

  • the belief that Jews should have a national homeland on their ancestral soil
  • covenant with God and Abraham, God promised them their land in Canaan
  • "I will give this land to your descendants"
  • Zion was the original name for Jerusalem
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