Religious settlement


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Hs conversion to Cathodism and its significance

Why he adbujed

  • If he took to the throne he would win other moderates but who were war weary
  • An imediate relgious convestion was out the question but he won ober the support of royal caths because of his broad comitment to cath monarch
  • Statemate between possible candidates HIV ruled out cos he was a P and if he was cath their would not be any opposition
  • Had to bribe to gain support of two governors (spent 30 mill in the end)
  • Still massive opposition from Leuge that was seen when he could be crowned in Reims as they were in control of this town
  • He got an agreement from Pope Clement and this gained further support
  • Pleased most moderates who were war weary but still hadnt won over extream catholics 
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Effects of the Edict on Nantes prot

The proterstants didnt want to compromise but HIV gained enough power to inforce the edict it consists of- 4 seperate documents-92 general articles-56 seret articles and 2 royal warants                                Gave hug relgious tolerance- 

  • 3 different ways that they can worship
  • Hugs could acure or inherit positions in offices of state and or enter any profestional ocupation
  • Acess to all schools,universities and hospitals 
  • Bi partisan courts were brought in (worked well)

Royal warrant  - gave hugs military and pollitical indepencence

  • provided for proterstant pastorsd paida for from public 
  • The secound set aside a anual fund of 18,000 for 8 years for the payment of garrisons in about 50 hug towns as well as 150 emergency forts 80 forts which they had fund themselves

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Effects of the Edict on Nantes ONTOH (goodCbadH)

  • Hugs still not on the same footing as the cath church 
  • COuld only worship in clear well defined places
  • A no of leuge cities said they never allow P worship
  • Cathedral cities temples couldn't be built and many were in suburbs
  • Had to stop on Cath feast days and pay tithes to cath preists
  • Hug book could onlyu be published Hug towns
  • Based on a personal promise 
  • HIV started the rebuilding of Catholicsim 
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Policing the peace

  • Passing the edict was no easy task-had to be registered by various parliments as Caths in parl who didnt like hug benifits 
  • HIV took it easy but in 07 feb called a paris parliment and made a remarkeble speech-3weeks later it was passed
  • Rouen held out until 1609
  • In the provinces royal commisioners semt out to enforce the edict but met resisance from the extreamist catyhs 
  • Towns in which proterstants were a minority made it difficult to enforce the edict
  • The implementation of the edict proved difficult and took years to complete
  • Overall it was a sucess as it stoped open war
  • Success was seen as instead of fighting took it to court-thosands of lawsuits-chambre de l edict  
  • HIV involved Hugs in court and rebuilding paris


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The extent of religious unity in France in this pe

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