Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions - Miracles

GCSE Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Question:-


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Miracles - Religious


Jesus walking on warer (John 6:18-21)


The Qur'an revealed to Muhammad


Allah written in an aubergine


God's qualities; omnipotent, benevolent, omniprescent, omniscient.

Shows his love and care; reported in scripture and history

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Miracles - Humans

Having a baby is seen to be a miracle

Doctor saving a life

Can only perform with God's help?

A miracle can be defined as something which can't be proved and is deemed impossible

It is how you interpret a miracle as to what you think is a miracle or not

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Miracles - Impossible?

Defies the lawys of physics

God transcendent - doesn't intervine

Why does God choose favourites?

Laws of nature cannot be broken

Natural disasters still happen and God lets them?

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