Religious Expression

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Place's Of Worship

An Anglican Church has many symbols:

  • Stained Glass Windows --> To remind people of the Bible Stories or Staints and Heroes or Teachings
  • Font - Near the front door symbolic of welcoming and enterance to God's Family
  • Pulpuit - for the preaching of ther sermon; usually raised to show importance of what is being said.

A Jewish Synagogue .Rules -

  • Men and Women sit sepertaly
  • Married Women Cover their heads
  • Men Wear Kippur.


  • Bimah-raised platform
  • Gallery for women and children (in Orthodox synagoges). to help genders concentrate on worship.
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Pilgrimage Christian


  • Visited by Chrsitians
  • St Bernadette is said to have had visions of the Virgin Mary.
  • A spring of watr is there, it is said to have healing properties.
  • Since 1873. 67 cases of healing have been declared as miracles.
  • 200 million have visited on Pilgrimage
  • People say they have a real sense of God's presence which refreshes and encourages them.
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Pilgrimage Jews

Isreal & The Western Wall

  • Visited by Jews
  • The Torah tells them they should go to Jerusalum for 33 festivals
  • The Western Wall in Jerusalem which is part of the temple destroyed in 70 AD
  • Jews believe it is the closest they can get to god on earth
  • Many Jews believe that it is important to visit the graves of Rabbis and Scholar and to remember the suffering of others
  • Some Jewish boys go to Jerusalem to celebrate their Bar Mitzvah.
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Envangelist Chrsitains can be found in most demonations of Christianity. They are Christians who believe in spreading the 'Good news of God' and attempt to convert others.

Converting can take place by:

  • Preaching in the streets
  • Knocking on doors
  • Advertising
  • Special Events
  • Schools

Many Christians think they have a duty to evangelise.

Others believe Envangelising is not needed

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Jewish view on Evangelism

Jews do not try to convert non-jews. In fact they try to put people off, because it involves additional.

Types of Evangelizing/ Sharing Faith

  • Collecting worship in school
  • Knocking on doors
  • Handing out leaflets
  • Prison Visiting
  • Prayer rooms
  • Charity Work
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Interfaith Dialogue

Jehovah Witness Christians believe, to an extent that interfaith dialogue is wrong. Mixing with 'incorrect beliefs' corrupts their faith since they are exposed to people with inappropriate values.

Roman Catholicism acknowledges that reliogions contains truth and believe in dicussing with other demonations and religions as a way of promoting peace and understanding.

The Jewish Education Bureau holds courses for non-jews to teach them about Judaism.

Jews paricipate is all sorts of events. Cheif Rabbis often meet with other religious leaders including the pope.

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