Religious education: how we help ourselves

definitions for some keywords in this whole unit

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The golden Rule

what jesus taught us to do for others and ourselves

It is telling people that they should act towards people in a way that they would want people to cat towards them.

"Do for others what you would want them to do for you" (matthew 7:12)

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advantages and disadvantages of the bible


  • It is clearly down in writing
  • It was inspired by God
  • Bibles are easily available for Christians to read and retrieve answers for themselves if they have an ethical problem.


  • The bible is a large book and not that easy to understand
  • A christian may not find an example for the same moral problem they are facing
  • The Beble was first written down hundreds of years ago, therefore the wording may be misunderstood.
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Advantages and disadvantages of the church


  • The Church has many centuries of experience and tradition to go by, which keeps Christians united
  • Some Christians prefer to seek help from professional clergy
  • Clear guidance can be given and Christians don;t have to worry about getting it wrong as they have heard the word of God outloud


  • Some Christians may not have easy access to clergy for the advice
  • They may disagree with the Church's ruling
  • There is no flexibility
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Advantages and Disadvantages of our conscience


  • Everybody has a conscience
  • There is general agreement about what is right and wrong
  • It is easy to consult


  • Some people's conscience may lead them astray
  • Some issues are too complicated for people to be sure about what there conscience is telling them
  • It is helpful to have outside help rather than just deciding what to do yourself
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Advantages and Disadvantages of situation ethics


  • The rule is simple to apply
  • It takes into account all aspects of a situation
  • It follows jesus' teachings


  • People may disagree with what is the most loving thing to do in the situation
  • Some moral dilemas are too complicated to be solved this way
  • It can take too long to weigh everything up when a quick decision is needed
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