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causes of poverty

  • unfair trade- LEDC's produce primary products that are sold to MEDC's who buy them at a low price.
  • debt- if a poor country is in  debt it can spend less money on developing that country an dmore on repaying debts and loans.
  • war- more oney is spent on weapons that development. Aslo, homes are destroyed and people have to live in make shift shelters with poor sanitation and unclean water.  there are less workers as well so there are less poeple to support the economy.
  • corruption- some governments keep money to themselves instead of spending it on the poor
  • natural disasters- they have less resources to cope with the effects and spend money on trying to redevelop things, so less money is spent on developing further. also, many people die so there are less workers to support the economy.
  • climate- lack of water means poorc crop yeilds and unclean water, tropical countries also have more diseases like maleria.

how charities help LEDC's

  • campaigns to rise public awareness to put pressure on government.
  • education- educate young people in MEDC's about problems in LEDC's in a hope they will become more generaous in the future.
  • aid- from rsising money to give to LEDC's in 2 ways;

          1. short term aid- aid in times of emergancy to…


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