Religious Education, Equality And Media

Notes on Racism, Equality, Genders, prejudice etc.

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Prejudice: 'Pre-Judge' Attitudes based on a personal opinion, someone making assumptions beforehand.

Discrimination: Treating someone differently based on, Religion, Race, Colour, Sex, Language, Disability or Age.

Racism: is when someone thinks different skin colour or religious beliefs make some people better than others.

Equality: Equal amount of rights and opportunities.

Reconciliation: Giving and receiving forgiveness (

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"There is neither Jew or Greek, slave nor free, Male or Female, for you are all one in Christ."

"Love one another. Just as I loved you"

"Treat others as you would like to be treated" 

"Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against us"


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Christian response to racism:

  • Treat all races fairly 
  • Respect everyone
  • Positive examples
  • Educating christan children on how to treat other races equally.

Christianty teaches that everyone is equal in the eyes of god, therefore there is no reason to treat people differently.


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Gender, Traditional Attitudes:

They teach that:

  • men and woman have separate roles
  • Woman bring up the children and run the home
  • Woman must not speak in church
  • Some woman should cover their heads in church
  • Men should provide for their family
  • Only men can be church leaders and teachers

They Think this because:

  • In the bible Paul says woman should not teach/speak in church
  • The bible says Adam was created first 
  • Jesus' disciples were men                              (
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Gender, Modern Attitudes

  • Churches now accept that men and woman are equal
  • They have woman ministers and priests
  • They teach that men and woman are equal 

They teach this becuase:

  • Bible says male and female were created at the same time 
  • Paul said there is neither male or female in Christ 
  • Jesus treated women as equal, and appeared to woman first after his resurrection 
  • There is evidence that there may have been woman priests in the early church 


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What Church's think:

Roman Catholic Church's: Believe, men and woman are created differently so they should assume different roles. They also do not allow women to be priests.

Methodist Church's: Allow women to be ministers.

Catholic Church's: Men and woman can study and teach theology, woman can give out bread at communion but not bless it, and only men can become priests. 


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Christians might seek forgiveness because God told us to forgive, and because it helps people move on. 

Christians believe believe that if they forgive people, then their own mistakes will be forgiven.

"Vengeance is mine said the Lord" This shows God will take action on those who have sinned.

Christians teach people to "Turn the other cheek" instead of "Eye for an eye, Tooth for a Tooth", They believe this makes them as bad as the person sinning. 

you can seek forgiveness through confession or prayer.(

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The influence of the Media

The media is any form of communication, that enables a person or group to contact large groups of people in a short time.  Traditional media includes books, film and TV; modern media includes internet and mobile technologies. Some Christians are concerned with the impact the media has had on it's audience. They believe in censorship, the restriction of what is seen or heard on TV. The bible does not have anything directly to say about the media as it came after the Bible was written. Christians have to interpret the words of the bible in order to decide on their own views about the media. Some believe its a great way to appeal to a wider range of people and gain more followers. (

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Many programmes in the media show inappropriate programmes which influence family life.

Alcohol is often shown as a feature of a television drama.

Some Christians choose not to own a TV or only watch suitable programmes.

"Flee from sexual immorality" 

Music is a big part of the media and Christians believe it sends out a bad impression of love.


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