Religious Education - Prejudice and discrimination

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Give effects of prejudice

- discrimination

- scapegoating

why are religious believers against discrimination?

- discrimination prevents people being treated fairly and equally to everyone else

- prevent right to jobs, education, freedom

- causes violence, fear, vulnerability, social unrest

if you are religious you cannot be prejudice??

yes because

- roman catholic church does not allow women to become vicars priests

- st paul states. there is god at every man and a man at every woman'  women are meant to stay at home and bring up children

- orthodox jews believe women are supposed to bring up children

and do not allow them to become rabbi's

- muslims believe women are physically weaker and have different roles in society which is to stay at home and look after childrem

- adam was created first in Genesis and eve was created from his rib and called his 'helpmate'

No because

- religions believe god created everyone equally and male and female in gods image, each person has same duties so they are equal and we are taught to help poor and be comapssionate , everyone has special value to god and each person is unique and their contribution to life should be valued

- good samaritan by jesus displays his love for each person and displays sinners and tax collectors going to heaven. shows not to judge people

Describe work of religious believers who fought against  prejudice

Martin Luther king fought against prejudice non - violently to display his abidance by jesus teaching 'love your neighbour as


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