Religious Education

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Christian Teaching

The christian teaching is that medical and scientific expermentation on animals is moral if it is going to be at the benefit of humans however they feel you should'nt inflict pain or suffering on them.

Christian key teaching about animals is: "Rule over the fish, the birds and all animals".

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Animal rights

Cloning animals is what the christian church is against.

Christians believe that the testing of animals is against God's will.

Christians fo not believe humans and animals should have the same rights because of the christian key teaching.

Christians disagree about whether or not humans should use animals for medical and scientific expermentation some say it is against Gods will and christian teaching others say it is moral as it has human benefits.

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Animal experiments for or against?

 For:    yes as it helps us to have better knowledge of medicine.

          yes as sometimes it does not harm them


              no as they have no say in it. 

              no as they should be treated as fair as we are.

              no as it could kill them.

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EXPLOIT: To profit from the suffering of others.

POVERTY: To live without basic needs.

FAIRTRADE: To buy goods that help poor people get out of poverty.

JUSTICE: Shares the world's wealth more fairly.

DOMINION: We have power over things.

STEWARDSHIP: Being a good person, this is the believe that humans have a duty to look after the earth and care for it (Genesis). 

VIVECTION: The action of dissceting a living body.

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Religious freedom

We are a free country that allows people to express their beliefs and allow evertone to have a choice of what they believe in and what religion they wish to follow.

It is important because it gives us free will and the right to be able to choose what we believe in, as 80% of our country are religious.

It impacts on us as it could strengthen our belief, helpse us to see a God in every religion aswell as our own.

It also could impact on us as we may decide to change our religion.

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Multicultural - Different cultures all together in our country mixing cultures together.


  • Getting to learn about different cultures 
  • Different food, music.


  • Having to deal with others.
  • Disagreement with the law.
  • Opposite views can lead to conflict
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Christians believe it is the resposibility of everyone to take care of the earth whether you are religous or not.

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How CAFOD helps those in need:

The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development CAFODIt is an international aid agency working to stop/prevent poverty and suffering in poor countries. 

work alongside people in need to reduce poverty and bring about sustainable change through development.

  • Improving food availability and farming methods
  • Helping to provide improved shelter
  • Health care and education
  • Developing better livelihoods and improving income
  • Provide aid to disaster stricken countries
  • Set up temporary shelters for those left homeless
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Describe Catholic understanding of vocation

a job were someone feels called to do by God, for example someone feeling as though they were called/born to be a priest or someone who can make a difference in someones life for the better.

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How and why Christians work for racial harmony?


"Your all made in the image and likeness of God" and "Those who worship God and do what is right are acceptable to him, no matter what race they belong to"


He spent most of his time with different groups: he healed 10 lepers. He told the parable of the good samaritan and spoke with a samaritan women.

He mixed with minorities,sinners and prostetutes. Also with other races.


Holds an event called racial sunday on the 2nd sunday of sept.

Teaches that racism is a sin and weakens society.

It worked very hard to abolish the slave trade.

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