Religion and Science

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Environmental Issues

Since the industrial revolution, mankind has been exploiting the natural resources of the earth, using millions of barrels of oil a day, thousands of tonnes of coal, and stopping at nothing to obtain these fuels.

Hundreds of people have died in mining accidents, habitats have been destroyed due to oil spills and people’s health has suffered from pollutants in the atmosphere in cities

However, we have come to demand instant access to electricity, heat and transport. This all requires energy, which has ravaged and destroyed large parts of the environment.

Huge areas of natural habitat have been destroyed, from coral reefs to rainforest –as a result of human action

People want to explore any part of the world they liketourism, and want access to products from across the world: timber, coffee, gold, diamonds, etc.

Overall, humans have had a largely negative impact on the natural environment in recent years. 

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