Religion and Early Life

These are notes taken from my revision guide about Early Life.

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Legal position on Abortion in the UK

Abortion is legal before 24 weeks.


TWO doctors agree that:

  • It would harm the mother's physical or mental health OR
  • It would harm the health of existing children.

Most abortions are carried out under the clause that the woman's mental health would be affected.

Abortion AFTER 24 weeks:

  • It will be born with serious health problems.
  • The mother's life is at risk.
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When does life begin?

  • Conception
  • 14 days - neurological system starts
  • First heartbeat
  • Viability - 20 weeks
  • Birth
  • Ensoulment - (Islam:120 days)
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Christian Attitude - Roman Catholic

  • Abortion is NEVER acceptable. It is an "evil"
  • 10 Commandments - DO NOT MURDER
  • Life begins at conception - abortion is murder.
  • Sanctity of Life - Life is God-given. Only God has the right to take life away.
  • Supports adoption and fostering.
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Christian Attitude - Protestant Church

  • Abortion is wrong.
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