Relations with national liberals

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  • Army budget 1874
  • Background
  • Bismarck's break
  • Domestic policy
  • Foreign policy
  • Reason for split
  • Relations 1871
  • Right wing parties
  • Support
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Army budget 1874

  • Arguments
  • Agreed the military budget should remain at fixed level outside a reichstag control
  • Bismarck presented law that army over 400,000 men would be automatically financed by federal expenditure
  • 80% of federal expenditure spent on army was opposed by Liberals
  • Accused of trying to undermine German military strength
  • Bismarck threatened to call new elections
  • compromised on a fixed budget for 7 years to be renewed annually or fixed permanently
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  • largest single party
  • balance of power between Bisamrck's conservative powers and various opponents
  • won the right to pass an annual budget
  • ideal allies, eager to help Bismarck consolidate national unity
  • united against Catholic Church
  • national system of currency introduced, reichstag created, internal tariffs abolished, much legal standardisation
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Bismarck's break

  • conflict arose in the years 1877-79 because of liberal demands for a parliamentary ministry
  • disagreement over taxes when the liberals wanted to give the Reichstag's control over revenues
  • split over issue in 1880 after losing many seats in the election of 1879
  • after 1890, national liberals were often divided on social and economic issues
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Domestic policy

  • support of national liberal party
  • passing of new constitution
  • prussianization of Germany
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Foreign policy

  • aggressive and expansionist foreign policy
  • defeated Austria and France
  • wanted to preserve Reich than gain more
  • consolidate German empir and prevent any external threat
  • abandoned liberal allies and put in place a series of tariffs that benefitted entry of Prussia
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Reason for split

  • rise of centre party forced Bismarck to split and abandon his alliance with the National liberals
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Relations 1871

  • Always uneasy
  • Bismarck did not agree with their hopes for the extension of parliamentary government
  • irritated as they proposed a number of proposals
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Right wing parties

  • most issues Wilhelm and government could rely on backing of right wing parties: the conservatives, free conservatives and national liberals
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  • Liberals supported Bismarck with the Kulturkampf
  • shared same view of Catholic Church
  • Bisamrck reliant on support from National Liberals in the Richstag
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