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Issues that affect access to services

Referral -

health & care organisations are accessed by those in need, this is through referral systems

3 types 

+ self-referral

+ third-party referral

+ professional referral

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Self-Referral -

- when a person contacts a care provider personally

by letter, email, phone call, making an appointment or attending a care setting or surgery & requesting help

- access to the primary healthcare services

doctors, dentists & opticians normally through self-referral

- many social care services for adults & children are accessed by self-referral

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Third-party referral

Third-party Referral -

- when a friend, neighbour or relative contacts a health or care service on another person's behalf

- a neighbour may ring the social services deaprtment on behalf of a frail elderly person to request care support

- a relative could call on behalf if they are concerned about the general health of someone with Down Syndrome to contact the GP

- these referrals are usually to services that are accessed through self-referral

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Professional referral

Professional referal -

- when a health or care professional contacts another service providerto request support for a service user

For example:

- a head teacher referring a child with learning difficulties to an educational psychologist -

- social worker contacting the domociliary care services for a client with disabilities -

- a GP referring a service user to a hospital consultant -

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