Reactions to the treaty of Versailles

Reactions to the treaty of Versailles

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Reactions to the treaty of Versailles

Britain-Lloyd George

felt that treaty was too harsh

feared another war

scared that communists would take over weak German government

preferred more limits on army

lowering reparations


more lands should have been lost

Rhineland should have been permanently demilitarised.

thought germans got off lightly

he got voted out of power in January 1920, due to his 'lack of harshness'

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too harsh

called it a treaty of revenge

reparations were too high-would lead to economic problems

usa did not sign the treaty and did not joing the League of Nations as they didnt want to be dragged into another war.

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Germany's reactions

German delegaion shown treaty on 7th May 1918, refused to sign it mostly due to articly 231.

74 ships had been sent to British naval base. German crew were still on it so they sank it instead of giving it to Britain.

Weimar government in germany signed the treaty, 28th june it was signed. they had no chioce otherwise the bitish would oppose a naval blockade and the germans would starve

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