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  • Rearmament
    • March 1935
      • What Happened?
        • Reintroduced conscription
          • Goes against terms of Treaty of Versailles
          • Expanded army to 1 million
      • Tension increase and outbreak of war link
        • Germany built weapons, army and air force
          • Allies put on edge
        • Hitler openly defies the Treaty of Versailles without consequences
    • Re-militarization of Rhineland
      • People in Rhineland weren't protected fro France which is why they welcomed the Nazis.
      • Hitler claimed that Germany was under threat from having enemies on west and east
      • Troops greeted by civilians who gave them flowers.
      • Other countries reactions
        • Britain thought Germany had the right to take back the land
        • French politicians were busy so they didn't care.
        • League concentrated on Mussolini
      • Consequences
        • Britain and France re-arm
        • Pacts signed between countries to protect themselves if Germany attacked.
        • Hitler now knows he can ignore the Treaty of Versailles
    • Could Hitler have been stopped?
      • Army too small to fight
      • If he had been stopped Germany would have to pay crippling fines
      • Sending men into the Rhineland was a Gamble


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