Reactions to Treaty of Versailles 

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  • Reactions to Treaty of Versailles
    • [Some] Reactions: Treaty was FAIR
      • Thoughts that Germany had to become weaker so it couldn't go to war again
      • Thought that justice was done for the death and damage that the war had caused
      • People in France and Britain wanted revenge - politicians listened to them so that they could stay in power
    • [Others] Reactions: Treaty was too HARSH
      • Germans were left weak and resentful - this could potnetial
      • Treaty wouldn't help rebuild European trade and wealth - couldn't afford reparations
      • Couldn't afford reparations
      • Lost Industrial areas and could not rebuild
      • Lost pride without armed forces
      • Saw other countries weren't disarming
      • Didn't accept defeat
      • Often now lived under foreign rule in new countries
      • Didn't accept guilt for starting the war
      • Suffered an economic crisis
      • Lost colonies


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