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Matters of Life

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"Thou shall not murder"- testing on embryos is wrong

"Love thy neighbour"- help people to have children using artificial methods if needs be, as long as its the most loving thing to do

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Matters of Death

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      “do not kill” argument against Euthanasia   “honour your mother and father” – treat the elderly with respect and let them live where they will be most comfortable “love you neighbour as yourself” – treat people with respect and if they want to end their life then so be it

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Drug Abuse

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“your body is a temple”- this means you shouldn’t take harmful substances or abuse your body by taking to many legal drugs

    “use the earth as you see fit” – Rastafarians would use this to justify that God made Cannabis for people to use   “It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother to fall” – some Christians are against the use of any drugs as it can cause problems

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Crime and Punishment

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 “an eye for an eye” a quote from the Bible that might support the death penalty (if you kill you deserve to die)

  “do not kill” – a quote from the Bible that is against the death penalty   “Jesus how many times should I forgive my brother who wrongs me?” …. Jesus replies and says 77 times – Christians believe that you should always forgive and give second chances to prisoners

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World Poverty

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 “Love you neighbour as you love yourself” – give money to charity and help the poor

  “You cannot serve both God and money.” if you don’t give money to those in need you will not be with God in heaven   If there is a poor man among your brothers.. Do not be tight fisted -  God wants us to be kind and caring to people and help them   “At the end of seven years you must cancel your debts” – clearing debt that poor countries owe might be a good thing to do – the good Christian thing  

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Poverty in Britian

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 “Love your neighbour as yourself” – give money to help the poor

Good Samaritan -  we should help people who are in need as the Samaritan helped an injured person   “Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have wisdom to show restraint” – don’t show off about being rich     “you cannot love both money and God” – don’t be obsessed with money if you are rich as that’s not the Christian way

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