RE Unit 2 - Matters of Life and Death

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Why Christians believe in LAD.

  • Jesus rose from the dead
  • St Paul teaches that people will have a resurrection like Jesus
  • Christian Churches teach that there is LAD
  • They believe that the soul is immortal
  • There is evidence of thw paranormal
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How belief in LAD affects lives

  • Christians beleive they will judged when they die.
  • Love God and love thy neighbour - affected by praying to God and helping others.
  • Christians help to do charity work.
  • Sin can prevent people from going to heaven, so they live life trying not to commit sins.

Evidence of spirit world:

  • clearest evidence comes from mediums - if mediums can contact the dead then there must be LAD.

Evidence of reincarnation

  • De ja vu
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Beliefs against LAD

  • Different religions contradict each other
  • If LAD were true then all religions would say the same thing.
  • LAD is based on Holy Books but they contradict eachother
  • Evidence of paranormal has been challenged by scientists.
  • Science shows that the mind cannot live without the brain, so when they body dies, the mind must too.
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  • Legal up to 24 weeks/6 months
  • The law says that abortion is only allowed if: the mothers life is at risk, mothers mental or physical health is at risk, the child is likely to be severely handicapped.

Christian Attitudes:

  • Life belongs to God
  • Life begins at conception = taking a life = banned in 10 commandments
  • Love your nieghbour = abortion can be the most loving thing
  • Duty of Christians to remove suffering
  • Abortion destroys its right to life
  • Adoption is better than abortion as it brings life and joy to a family
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Main Causes:

  • Debt - Most LEDCs borrow money from MEDCs, but the interest they have to pay on the loans make countries poorer
  • Wars - Wars in LEDCs destroy: crops, homes, schools, hospitals, causing more poverty. Also causes refugees.
  • HIV/AIDS - The disease kills lots of people and the number of orphans are growing = poorer.
  • Natural Disasters - Many LEDCs are situated in areas where there are lots of natural disasters, which destroy thousands of homes and farmland.
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Christian Aid

How they are working to remove poverty:

  • Has a fund to deal with natural disasters and refugees
  • Emergency Aid includes sending food, water and medical care.
  • Campaining to cancel the debt owed by the worlds poorest countries
  • Promotes fairtrade products to bring better prices, decent woring conditions, local sustainability for workers in developing countries.

Why they are working to end poverty:

  • The New Tastament teaches riches must be used for the help of others
  • All humans are equal in the eyes of God
  • Jesus told many stories about helping and loving others
  • Parable of the sheep and goat
  • Golden Rule
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Non religious


  • If they are being kept alive in agony then they should have the right to die
  • People have the right to commit suicide
  • Doctors have the right to switch off a life support machine
  • Doctors can stop treatment


  • Doubt to what the person really wants
  • A cure may be found
  • Doctors job is to save lives, not end them
  • People may change their mind but it could be too late
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Christian Attitudes to Ethanasia


  • Loving your neighbour can justify suicide
  • Basic human rights is to be in control of your own body.
  • If painkillers kill a dying person it is not murder as their intention was to remove pain, not kill.
  • If doctors say that someone is brain dead then they have already died.


  • Bible teachings bans suicide
  • Sancity of life -  God chooses when we live and die
  • Life is being ended by humans, not God, which is wrong
  • Life is sacred and should only be taken by taken God
  • Life and death belong to God alone.
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