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Nuclear War

ABOLITION- some christians believe its wrong to use nuclear weapons - no moral justification - numbers should be decreased leading to completet abolition

NEGOTIATION - nuclear weapons should be kept for negotitation in future control talks

RETENTION - threat of using nuclear weapons - means of defence - where all other efforts failed

CHURCH TEACHING: Pope - if you want peace work for justice Second Vatican Council - Peace must be born of mutual trust between nations rather than imposed on them through fear of one anothers weapons

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Forgiveness, Revenge + Punishment

  • god is in charge of live and death
  • we need to sort out ourselves before we sort out others
  • Our Father says And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. - so we should do this
  • it is never to late too repent
  • we all need second chances - we should give others second chances
  • Paul tell christians to be good citizens + obey authorities - should people fight if required?
  • Jesus stood up for what was right in the temple - used violence - can we act on what is right
  • turn the other cheek but also eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ..
  • Jesus stood up for people who were oppressed
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Teaching about Sex

Bible says:

  • sex belongs in marriage - unites two people in eyes of God as 1
  • any sex before marriage is wrong - not what sex was intended for
  • Jesus talks about two people becoming 1 AFTER marriage
  • sex is giving yourself to another person - irreversible act
  • when you "lose your virginity" you can't get it back - sex is very serious
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Marriage Vows

Marriage Vows:

  • i .....take you ......
  • to be my wife/husband
  • to have + to hold
  • from this day forward
  • for better, for worse
  • for richer for poorer
  • in sickness and in health
  • to love and to cherish
  • till death do us part
  • according to God's holy law
  • and this is my solemn vow
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What Jesus said about marriage?

a man will leave his mother and father --> cutting off

and be joined to his wife --> bonding in marriage

the two will become flesh --> unity in body

what God has joined together no one should separate --->unity in god's will forever

in marriage loyalties change

a man and woman form a new loyalty and a first unit

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symbols in marriage

brides wears white = purity

father gives bride away = in marriage a woman's loyalties change from father to husband

confetti (or rice)is thrown after the service = ancient fertility symbol

veil = before marriage woman is hidden (husband doesn't fully know her)

ring worn on 3rd finger of left hand = vein from this finger to the heart - love +emotion

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  • lack of choice
  • no car
  • no television etc.


  • disease
  • malnutrition
  • no fresh water etc.

causes in developing countries:

  • corrupt governments
  • debts owed to rich countries - can't repay - countries using resources to pay back rather than feed its people
  • natural disasters
  • climate
  • war
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Responses to Poverty

short term aid:

  • clean water
  • emergency food aid
  • temporary shelter
  • water purification tablets

Long term aid:

  • clean water sources
  • farming methods/modern tools
  • road building/infrastructure repair
  • primary health care - prevention of illness

primary health care is:

  • vaccination programmes
  • regular doctor clinics
  • AIDS / HIV education
  • clean water
  • trained midwifes on hand at birth
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