RE: Good & Evil

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  • RE: Good & Evil
    • Nature of God
      • Trinity
        • God is 3 in 1
        • The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit
        • Expressed through the Nicene Creed
        • God the Father - transendant part of God, the Son as the immanent and personal part, and the Holy Spirit as the immanent yet impersonal part
    • Beliefs about God
      • Male
      • Omnipotent
      • Omnibenevolent
      • Omniscient
      • Supreme
      • Divine
      • Totally good
      • Totally perfect
    • Reasons for belief
      • Up bringing or a search of meaning
        • Brought up by religious parents, and taught religious teachings are more likely to believe in God
        • Presence of religion in the world gives some people faith
        • People have the desire to believe in something
        • Religion is strengthened by feelings experienced through worship
        • The search for meaning is a major reason for people becoming interested in a particular religion
        • People want answers or find out why life is as it is
          • Becoming a follower of a religion in this way is called conversion
        • Desire to find out why we are here, or why bad things happen in the world may also explain why people convert religions
      • Planet MUST have been designed
        • 'Design arguments'
          • Such intricate working cannot have occurred by random chance
        • Isaac Newton's thumb theory
          • because every thumbprint is intricate and unique, there must be a God
        • William Paley's watchmaker's theory
          • you wouldn't think an intricate watch you found was made by chance - so why believe the world was.
        • Albert Einstein
          • "When I see all the glories of the cosmos, I can't help but believe that there is a divine hand behind it all."
        • Numinous
        • Cosmological and teleological argument
    • Miracles
      • An extraordinary event
      • Jesus controls nature
        • Inspiring awe and wonder
      • Jesus feeds 5000
        • Mark 6:30-44
      • Jesus walks on water
        • Mark 6:45-52
      • God has intervened through the Holy Spirit
        • Birth, Death, and Resurrection
          • Miracles in own right


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