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  • Concise summary of the report
  • Tells the reader about the aims, method and findings without them having to read the whole report
  • Brief descriptions
  • Interpretations of findings
  • Significant flaws
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  • General overview of the area being studied
  • Discussion of existing theories
  • Discussion of studies closely related to the research
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Aims and hypothesis

  • A sentence stating the purpose of the study
  • What's going to be tested
  • Independent and dependent variables
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  • Should be enough detail to replicate
  • The design
    • Research method
    • Research design
    • How variables were controlled (e.g. standardisation)
    • How questions etc were chosen
    • How ethical issues were dealth with
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  • Standardised instructions to pps
  • How the study was carried out
  • How pps were debriefed
  • How data was recorded
  • Use of pps: number, demographics, sampling method, allocation
  • Resources: materials (e.g. questionnaires, word lists etc)
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  • Statistics
  • Explanations of why certain tests were chosen
  • Results of the test (observed value, critical value, level of sig.)
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  • Explanation of the findings
  • Relating findings to hypothesisand aim
  • Rejecting or accepting null
  • Implications of the study
  • Limitations or necessary modifications
  • Relationship to background research
  • Suggestions for further research
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