Measuring Stress - Self Report Measures - Kanner

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Self Report Measures - Kanner

Self-reports measure the psychological effects of stress. These symptoms include being anxious, scared, worried, substance abuse etc. Self-reports are used to ask people to report on their own experiences of stress responses such as the Hopkins Symptom checklist.

This is where they're asked about the symptoms of stress they have or have had. Self-reports are also used to ask people to report on their causes of stress they have experienced which can then be correlated with their symptoms.

e.g. for example the Daily Hassels and Uplifts Scale can be used to aske people the hassels they've experienced in the last month e.g. loosing keys/missing the bus can be correlated with how stressed they are

They are used by asking people to retrospectively think/look back over e.g. the last 12 months for the events that have taken place.

Kanner's study; The participants completed the Berkman LE scale after 10 months

Conclusion: They're used by seeing how many life events a person has and scores a person has and scores are known as a life change unit (LCU) to see how stressed someone is.

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