Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

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  • Extremely small cells (less than 2 micrometre diameter)
  • DNA is circular
  • No-nucleus-DNA free in cytoplasm
  • Cell wall made of a polysaccharide (not cellulose or chitin)
  • Few, organelles, no mitochondria
  • Therefore ATP produced in mesosomes
  • Small ribosomes
  • May have flagella
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  • Larger cells (10-100 micrometre diameter)
  • DNA is linear
  • Nucleus present- DNA inside nucleus
  • No cell wall (in animals), cellulose cell wall (in plants), chitin cell wall (in fungi).
  • Many Organelles, mitochondria present
  • ATP production occcurs in mitochondria
  • May have undilipodia
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