Professional Values - NMC CODE

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What is the NMC Code? What does it mean for Uk Nur

1)Professional standards which registered nurses and midwives must uphold.

2)Uk Nurses/ Midwives expected to 'act in line' with NMC code:

  • ( During direct patient /group/community care) 
  • (During other roles that require bearing of nursing/ midwifery knowledge like: Education, Leadership, Research) 
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Two things that the NMC code is NOT ?

- Negotiable 

- Discretionary

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Who is the NMC code for? 4 examples?

- Everyone who cares abut good nursing and midwifery practise. 

1) Patients/Service users/People who care for them


3)Employer organisations 


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How can patients/services user/those who care for

- Give nurses/ Midwives feedback about the care received.

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How can nurses / midwives use the code?

- To promote saftey and effective practise in place of work 

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How can employer organisations use the code?

-To support staff in upholding the code's standards , to provide quality and safety expected by service users and regulators. 

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How can educators use the code?

-To teach students the understanding of what it means to be a registered proffesional, and how this can be achieved by upholding the code.  

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Why do practitioners have to renew their registrat

- Allows better evidence of continued ability to practise effectively and safely through revalidation.

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4 MAIN points in the NMC code?

- Prioritise People

-Practise effectively 

-Preserve saftey 

-Promote proffesionalism and trust 

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'Promote professionalism and trust' SIX Subpoints

1)Uphold the reputation of your proffesion at all times

2)Uphold your position as a registered nurse/ midwife 

3)Fulful all registration requirements

4)Cooperate with all investigations and audits 

5)Respond to any complaints made against you proffesionally 

6)Provide leadership for the protection of people's wellbeing and improved experience of the healthcare system 

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Professional Values - NMC CODE

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