Nmc and implications for a student nurse

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  • NMC
    • what ? self governing body, which exists to protect the public from poor nursing practice.
      • how? 5 key points mainitain a register of nurses and midwives, remove or discipline those who demonstrate poor practice,maintain standards ( education, practice)
        • To issue the code: standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives.
    • Implications for a student!!!!!!
      • uni
        • professional attitudes and unattendence ( maintain a professional attitude at all times)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        • academic dishonesty - plagerism
        • meet NMC outcomes ( hours/ academic work)
      • Practice
        • follow standards of the code.
        • work along side an NMC mentor
        • achieve skills and competencies set by the NMC
      • private life
        • use social networking sites appropriately.
        • act professionally at all times
        • not break the law


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