privation genie case study

case study into privation

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what happened to her?

  • tied to a potty chair from the age of 3
  • beaten for making noise
  • isolated- no real human contact
  • lasted for 10 years
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  • couldn't understand language
  • developed strange 'bunny' walk
  • didn't make close connections with others
  • couldn't learn language
  • explored objects with touch
  • couldn't express emotions
  • spat and clawed at objects
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evaluation- limitations to evidence

  • effects may not be entirely down to privation, her dad felt she was metally retarded and brain damaged from birth. the brain damage was supported by abnormal sleep spindles
  • case study- different people will react to privation in different ways. can't generalise her results to other children as they may make a recovery. all case studies lack population validity due to small sample size
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