Privation is when an attachment was never formed at all in childhood. This could be due to: 

- Neglect

- Primary caregiver has a mental disorder

-Many foster carers

-Raised in an institution

---Case Studies ---

Czech twins (Koluchova 1972)

- Born 1960, mother died and the twins were put in care until 18 months old.

- Returned to their father, who worked away alot. And their stepmother who had 4 other children from her previous marriage.

- Stepmother kept the twins in an unheated cellar, starved, and brat them. Their bedding was plastic sheeting.

- They were discovered by authorities at the age of 7. When found they had no speech, could walk, subnormal IQ and they were afraid of people.

- They were then fostered by 2 sisters who gave exceptional care.


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