Principles Of Computation

AQA AS Computing Unit 1. The Principles of Computation.

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What Is Computation?

Pre 1920

  • A good way to not get confused with Computation is to remember that before the 1920's, computers were human clerks that performed computations.

Post 1920

  • After the 1920's, the expression "computing machine" reffered to any machine that performed the work of a human computer (calculations)
  • During 1950, the name "computing machine" gave way to the expression "computer"

The act or process of calculating or determining something by mathematical, logical or interactive methods.

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What Is Computability?

The measures of what can and cannot be computed!

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What is Computing?

  • Computing is a natural science.
  • Computing is not just restricted to man made technology such as the POC, Xbox, or iPod.
  • Nature realised how to encode different DNA into every living creatures cells. Therefore, computation was present long before computers were developed.

The study of natural and artificial information processes.

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