Business Factors

Revision notes on business factors for AS Computing.

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H.Hales Business Factors ­ Unit 3
Physical and operational requirements:
There are various physical and operational requirements that take place within a
business an example of a physical requirement would be the building itself, the
employees, the equipment etc.
For the business to meet the Health and Safety standards they will need to
consider things like escape routes, all employees will need to know there escape
routes in the case of a fire or an emergency so that they can get out quick and safe.
The company would also have to consider first aid procedures, and that each
employee knows where to go or has had the training and knows what to do in the
event of an accident. It is also that the employee has breaks, and if the employee is
sitting at a computer all day it is better for the employee to have more frequent and
shorter breaks, rather than having longer but less breaks, this is important to prevent
strain injuries like RSI.
It is important for businesses to make sure that the operational and physical
requirements are all up to standard, so the employees can be safe in the case of an
emergency, and also to minimize damage to the building as much as possible. For
example if there are fire extinguishers in the building they could prevent a small fire
from burning down the whole building, but in this case the employees would have to
be trained to know which fire extinguishers to use and how, this shows the
importance of the operational requirements within a business in the way that
businesses send employees on training so that they would know what to do in the
event of an emergency.
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
This Act makes it a legal requirement for businesses to ensure that they have
adequate safety precautions in the working environment. This Act was introduced in
1974 it was introduced to set various principles which improve safety standards in
the working environment. This Act would be especially important for example in a
factory, as in a factory there are machines which could be dangerous if the worker
wasn't aware of the safety procedures, and nowadays the workers would have to be
trained so they know how to work the machines in which they will be working on.
It is down to the employer to make sure that the employees are abiding by this
Act, that they have had the correct training, that they wear the correct protective
clothing if necessary and that they also have the relevant training to use machines
and equipment. Every year a risk assessment will take place, this is a legal
requirement, a business will not just do this because it is a legal requirement but they
would also do it to prevent for example a fire burning a building down.
Health and Safety at Work Act will play a big part on the day to day lives of
employees, as every single employee with have responsibility to report risks, how to
report them and who to report them to. If a company wanted to make sure a staff
knew the terms of this Act and make sure that they know what to do in the event of an
accident, emergency etc they could send them on training.
Data Protection Act 1998

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H.Hales Business Factors ­ Unit 3
The Data Protection Act was introduced in 1998 it was bought in so that only the
people that needed information about others could access it, for example if a doctor
needs information about a patient, he could only use it for the correct purposes. The
Data Protection Act could include information about people, like their name, age,
gender, address, race, health, their political opinions, criminal activity etc.…read more

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