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H.Hales Business Factors ­ Unit 3

Physical and operational requirements:

There are various physical and operational requirements that take place within a
business an example of a physical requirement would be the building itself, the
employees, the equipment etc.

For the business to meet the Health and Safety standards they…

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H.Hales Business Factors ­ Unit 3

The Data Protection Act was introduced in 1998 it was bought in so that only the
people that needed information about others could access it, for example if a doctor
needs information about a patient, he could only use it for the correct purposes.…

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H.Hales Business Factors ­ Unit 3

The business will need to make sure that the software they install on their
systems that they have the correct licenses to use, and that if they buy a license
which allows them to use the software on 50 different computers that they don't…


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