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Section 1
Components of a Computer
Hardware Anything that you can physically touch
Software Programs / information that runs on the hardware
Input Device A device that puts information in to the system
Storage Device A device that stores data on the system
Output device…

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System Flowchart A way of representing data flow around the system
Data Dictionary A list of every piece of data that is stored in the system
Dry run testing Walking through the process ignoring existing flaws
Unit testing Testing small sections of the program to make sure it…

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Form driven interface Standard type as input, tabulated, asks questions
Menu driven interface Used when the operator does not know the options available, tend to be simple
WIMP Windows, icons, menus, pointer
Utilities Tools
Utility software Software that helps run and maintain the OS
Hardware driver Something that…

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Cache memory A special buffer storage, smaller and faster than main storage, that is used to hold a copy of instructions and data in
main storage that are likely to be needed next by the processor.
Buffer Some memory that stores instructions for the CPU
Interrupt An instruction…

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Check sum A calculation performed on data which gives a check digit which is compared to other digit
Packet switching Sending packets down the quickest route at the time and reassembling them at the other end
Circuit switching Sending all data in order down same route
Protocols for…


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